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OEM products
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Industry case
Industry case
  • Special for hospital wards, wall-mounted bedside intelligent display terminal, 10.1-inch medical tablet computer
  • The hand-held medical tablet is mainly used by medical staff. It can know the schedule of other medical staff and medical information of patients in time, improve work efficiency, and treat patients in time.
  • Improving the inpatient experience of patients can assist medical staff in timely and all-round care. The bedside medical tablet is closely connected with the nursing station, which can check the physical and mental health of patients at any time. Patients can call medical staff in time through the call button or online entertainment.
  • Huayi chuangxiang mobile blood glucose meter is a new type of mobile medical equipment developed by Shenzhen Huayi chuangxiang Technology Co., Ltd. It is small and portable. The data of blood glucose measurement can be transmitted to mobile phones quickly and accurately. The mobile blood glucose meter can automatically record the blood glucose value measured by the user, and can form a variety of blood glucose data display modes. The data can be directly uploaded to the cloud and saved permanently.
  • As a new generation of educational electronic products, customized student tablet computer has been highly recognized by the education industry, and is expected to enter the campus to replace the traditional paper-based teaching materials. Now it has been piloted in some schools.
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