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OEM products
OEM products
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  • R&D Capability

    1. Over 30 Technical Engineers 

        Most of them used to work in Huawei, OPPO, Foxconn, TCL, etc.   

        Professional SW team for Linux deep develpment.

    2. Project Management

        Project manager is the team leader, in charge of all things from very beginning to EOL of products. 

        Marketing, Sales, ID, MD, QC, HW, SW, PE, Supply Chain ect. serve as team members responsible for whole project process.  

        Make sure spec. & chosen materials most suitable, and MP smoothly enough in the future. 

    3. Lab with Over 20pcs Equipment for testing from the begining of development till MP.

  • Delivery Capability

    1. Capacity Guarantee

        3pcs 50m Production Lines for  Laptop &Notebook;

        2pcs 35m Production Lines for  both Laptop &Notebook or IOT Products;

        2pcs 22m Package Lines;

        Maximum Capacity for Laptop&Notebook 250k/Month;

        Maximum Capacity for Tablet 550k/Month;

    2. Strict Quality Control  

        From in-come materials, assembly to finished products, each process has quality inspeciton. 

  • Service Support

    1. Closer communication

        Work close to the customers, not only the product, but also the whole solution to be customized: Design/Production/Service

    2. 24 hours feedback to all the requirement;

        Experienced engineers with English communication skills are available any time for on-site support all over the world;

    3. Project Management; 

        Project manager familiar with all details like the baby sitter, it make sure everything goes smoothly include after sales;

    4. FOTA installed for all the products in advance, update small SW bugs easily;

    5. Experienced & Flexible after sales solution;

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